The Instagram Husband

My name is Rick, and I’m an Instagram Husband.

My wife has had various ventures through the years. One side effect of being a military spouse, especially of a Navy pilot in training, is that we move ALL the time. That means she hasn’t been in one place long enough to make a typical career. So what does she do? She makes the most of it and always tries new things as they come up.

In addition to a few “normal” jobs, she tried  an independent consulting gig, a blog, and most recently selling women’s clothes (probably more on this one in a later post). Nowadays she has an Instagram account devoted to all things ketogenic and her personal journey. I think it’s great and I like to support however I can. One of those ways just happens to be taking pictures. A LOT of pictures. Not as many as when we sold clothes, but it’s still a lot.

This video cracks me up. A little more negative than my personal take, but it’s hilarious.

“Behind every cute girl on Instagram is an Instagram Husband. And a brick wall.”