My book of 2017 – Tribe by Sebastian Junger

I don’t read near as much as I would like, but audiobooks help. I have the book cued up on my phone in the Audible app, hop into the car or turn on my Bluetooth speaker and boom – it starts going.

That said, the best and most impactful book I read in 2017 was Tribe by Sebastian Junger. He’s the author of The Perfect Storm and War and also helped make the documentary “Restrepo.”

What I really loved about the book was how he explains the way we’re meant to live, with our tribes and close-knit communities caring for each other and setting aside our personal needs for the greater good. When was the last time, in your life, that you and your neighbors had to come together to in combined effort to supply the means for your survival, or even just your comfort? For me, outside military training, it’s been a while.

Junger argues convincingly that the lack of this common struggle and the bond it creates is what’s missing in modern society. I especially enjoyed the tidbits on residents of London during the Battle of Britain. Reported cases of depression and anxiety actually DEcreased during the period. Junger original goal was to explain the epidemic of PTSD among combat troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. In combat they were fighting for their very lives and the lives of those next to them. Back home, they don’t really have to fight for anything.

It’s a quick read, only about 3.5 hours on audiobook. Well worth it, especially for anyone who is caring for someone with PTSD, anxiety or depression.

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